Fabrication and properties of a branched (NH₄)xWO₃ nanowire array film and a porous WO3 nanorod array film.

  title={Fabrication and properties of a branched (NH₄)xWO₃ nanowire array film and a porous WO3 nanorod array film.},
  author={Ya Liu and Liang Zhao and Jinzhan Su and Mingtao Li and Liejin Guo},
  journal={ACS applied materials & interfaces},
  volume={7 6},
We describe the successful fabrication of a three-dimensional branched (NH4)xWO3 nanowire array film on fluorine-doped tin oxide coated glass by a facile one-step hydrothermal method. The porous WO3 nanorod array film formed after heat treatment and recrystallization. Specifically, the branched (NH4)xWO3 nanowire array film has very thin nanowires that were about 10 nm in diameter. The results of an optical and photoelectrochemical test show that the branched (NH4)xWO3 nanowire array film could… CONTINUE READING

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