Fabrication and evaluation of Ni/C multilayer soft X-ray mirrors

  title={Fabrication and evaluation of Ni/C multilayer soft X-ray mirrors},
  author={Hisataka Takenaka and Tomoaki Kawamura and Hiroshi Kinoshita},
Abstract To develop multilayer mirrors for use at wavelengths shorter than 12.4 nm in soft X-ray projection lithography, Ni/C multilayers were fabricated using r.f. sputtering. Evaluation of their layered structure and reflectivity showed that multilayer deposited at about 80 °C had substantial interface roughness, while those deposited at about −20 °C had well-formed layers with a periodic length of about 5.5 nm and an interface roughness of 0.25 nm. A fabricated Ni/C multilayer with 35 pairs… CONTINUE READING