Fabrication and analysis of a low-loss in-fiber active polymer waveguide.

  title={Fabrication and analysis of a low-loss in-fiber active polymer waveguide.},
  author={Kevin H. Smith and Doug J Markos and Benjamin L Ipson and Stephen M. Schultz and Richard H. Selfridge and John P. Barber and Kevin J. Campbell and Thomas D Monte and Richard B Dyott},
  journal={Applied optics},
  volume={43 4},
We present a method for fabricating an in-fiber electro-optic polymer waveguide within a D-shaped optical fiber. A combined process of selective chemical etching and spin coating creates a 2-cm in-fiber poly(methyl methacrylate)-DR1 dye polymer waveguide section with an overall insertion loss of micro 1.6 dB at 1550 nm. Numerical simulations show that, for in-fiber polymer waveguides to have low loss, the polymer layer's thickness must be kept below a certain value so that it will not support… CONTINUE READING