FZR2/CCS52A1 mediated endoreduplication in Arabidopsis development

  title={FZR2/CCS52A1 mediated endoreduplication in Arabidopsis development},
  author={Ziyu Li and Zachary Larson-Rabin and Patrick H Masson and Christopher D. Day},
Plant organogenesis generally involves three basic processes: cell division, cell expansion and cell differentiation. Endoreduplication, a process of genome replication without intervening mitosis, often occurs during cell expansion and cell differentiation. The switch from the mitotic cell cycle to the endocycle, however, is still poorly understood in plants. We have recently demonstrated that FIZZY-RELATED2 (FZR2) is a factor controlling endoreduplication in Arabidopsis. fzr2 mutants lacked… CONTINUE READING