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FUJIHARA : Poultry Genetic Resources and Conservation Biology

  title={FUJIHARA : Poultry Genetic Resources and Conservation Biology},
  author={Noboru Fujihara},
Recent generations of poultry students and poultry specialists generally seem to lack awareness of the vast genetic diversity which has accumulated in the domestic birds. This diversity has tended to become segregated within the realms of special purpose and special group such as industrial breeders and producers. There are many variants and variation in relation to species, body systems, and production parameters in birds. We have to, therefore, consider poultry genetic resources in a more… 


Survival and Proliferation of Refined Chicken Circulating Primordial Germ Cells Cultured In Vitro
No synergistic effect of chicken stem cell factor (chSCF) with murine leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) and human basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) on the proliferation of PGCs was found, implying that the LIF and bFGF influencing the proliferationOf P GCs may not be conserved between mammals and birds.
Inbreeding depression in Japanese quail.
Successive full-sib matings in the present study have led to the complete loss of reproductive fitness by the third generation (F = .5) owing to inbreeding depression.
Ultrastructural characteristics of primordial germ cells in the quail embryo
This is the first report describing detailed ultrastructural characteristics of PGC in the quail embryo, and suggests several physiological and functional differences in the cell cycle between these two avian species.
Production of somatic and germline chimeras in the chicken by transfer of early blastodermal cells.
Fingerprints of the blood and sperm DNA from the germline chimera indicated that both of these tissues were different from those of the inbred line of Dwarf White Leghorns.
Preservation of chick primordial germ cells in liquid nitrogen and subsequent production of viable offspring.
This technique for cryopreservation of primordial germ cells giving rise to viable offspring makes it possible to conserve genetic material in avian species.
Global Change, the Future of Biodiversity and the Future of Zoos
THIS IS AN ACCOUNT of what happens to thinking about the composition, function, and future of a zoo when a tropical biologist becomes a zoo director. It is an essay in the evolution of a concept.
Introduction of Foreign Gene into the Gonads via Primordial Germ Cells Originated from Germinal Crescent of Chicken Embryos
An exogenous DNA introduced into germinal crescent region of the early chicken embryos, from which primordial germ cells (PGCs) originated, was confirmed to be successfully transferred to the gonads of embryos via the PGCs and remained for long time in the gonad after hatching.
Production of germ line chimera by transfer of primordial germ cells in the domestic chicken (Gallus domesticus).
The present results indicate that the germ line of PGC recipient chickens consists of 2 distinct populations of germ cells.
Capacités reproductrices et descendance de poulets ayant subi un transfert de cellules germinales primordiales durant la vie embryonnaire
  • G. Reynaud
  • Biology
    Wilhelm Roux's archives of developmental biology
  • 2004
SummaryTurkey primordial germ cells transfered by intravascular injection to previously sterilized chick embryos can undergo complete maturation inside the host's gonads and can give rise to gametes
Limitations of Captive Breeding in Endangered Species Recovery
Captive breeding should be viewed as a last resort in species recovery and not a prophylactic or long-term solution because of the inexorable genetic and phenotypic changes that occur in captive environments.