FSPVDsse: A Forward Secure Publicly Verifiable Dynamic SSE Scheme

  title={FSPVDsse: A Forward Secure Publicly Verifiable Dynamic SSE Scheme},
  author={Laltu Sardar and Sushmita Ruj},
A symmetric searchable encryption (SSE) scheme allows a client (data owner) to search on encrypted data outsourced to an untrusted cloud server. The search may either be a single keyword search or a complex query search like conjunctive or Boolean keyword search. Information leakage is quite high for dynamic SSE, where data might be updated. It has been proven that to avoid this information leakage an SSE scheme with dynamic data must be forward private. A dynamic SSE scheme is said to be… Expand
Blockchain-Based Searchable Encryption Scheme With Fair Payment
A searchable encryption scheme based on blockchain that has functions such as file update dynamically, search results verification, fuzzy keyword search, and fair payment, that uses edit distance to generate the fuzzy keywords set is proposed. Expand


Verifiable Searchable Symmetric Encryption from Indistinguishability Obfuscation
This paper focuses on the malicious cloud model and proposes a new verifiable searchable symmetric encryption scheme built on the secure indistinguishability obfuscation (iO) and can be considered as the first step to apply iO in the SSE field. Expand
Verifiable Dynamic Symmetric Searchable Encryption: Optimality and Forward Security
This paper study and design the first efficient SSE schemes provably secure against malicious servers, and modify an existing SSE scheme that also provides forward secrecy of search queries, and make it provable secure against active adversaries, without increasing the computational complexity of the original scheme. Expand
VKSE-MO: verifiable keyword search over encrypted data in multi-owner settings
A verifiable keyword search over encrypted data in multi-owner settings (VKSE-MO) scheme by exploiting the multisignatures technique that is secure against a chosen-keyword attack under a random oracle model. Expand
Dynamic searchable symmetric encryption
This work proposes the first SSE scheme to satisfy all the properties of searchable symmetric encryption and extends the inverted index approach in several non-trivial ways and introduces new techniques for the design of SSE. Expand
Towards Efficient Verifiable Conjunctive Keyword Search for Large Encrypted Database
This work proposes a new verifiable conjunctive keyword search scheme by leveraging accumulator that can not only ensure verifiability of search result even if an empty set is returned but also support efficient conjunction keyword search with sublinear overhead. Expand
∑oφoς: Forward Secure Searchable Encryption
This work proposes Sophos as a forward private SSE scheme with performance similar to existing less secure schemes, and that is conceptually simpler (and also more efficient) than previous forward private constructions. Expand
Catch you if you lie to me: Efficient verifiable conjunctive keyword search over large dynamic encrypted cloud data
This paper is among the first to investigate the efficient search result verification problem and proposes an encrypted data search scheme that enables users to conduct secure conjunctive keyword search, update the outsourced file collection and verify the authenticity of the search result efficiently. Expand
Publicly Verifiable Boolean Query over Outsourced Encrypted Data
A publicly verifiable dynamic searchable symmetric encryption scheme based on the accumulation tree that generates the corresponding proof according to the query result while keeping privacy-preservation and achieving the verification requirements: authenticity, freshness, and completeness. Expand
PVSAE: A Public Verifiable Searchable Encryption Service Framework for Outsourced Encrypted Data
A novel service oriented framework for verifiable searchable asymmetric encryption, called PVSAE, which offers strong support for outsourced encrypted data with two formal security properties in terms of IND-CKA security and search pattern privacy and shows that they not only offer strong security but also are practical and deployable. Expand
Verifiable searchable encryption with aggregate keys for data sharing system
This paper proposes a scheme named “verifiable searchable encryption with aggregate keys”, which a data owner need only distribute a single aggregate key to other users to selectively share both search and verification privileges over his/her document sets. Expand