author={Karl Schwarzschild},
  journal={Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific},
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  • K. Schwarzschild
  • Published 1 December 1916
  • Physics
  • Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
The war exacts its heavy toll of human life, and science is not spared. On our side we have not forgotten the loss of the physicist Mpseley, at the threshold of a great career ; now, from the enemy, comes news of the death of Schwarzschild in the prime of his powers. His end is a sad story of long suffering from terrible illness contracted in the field, borne with great courage and patience. .The world loses an astronomer of exceptional genius, who was one of the leaders in recent advances both… 

Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia

Robert Innes was one of a select band of amateur astronomers who made the transition to professional ranks towards the end of the nineteenth century. Initially he had a passion for mathematical

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In some ways astronomers are like small children. The high adventure, the furor and excitement they create among themselves is not greatly cared about or understood outside, at least in any immediate

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Who discovered the expanding universe? Was it Hubble, or Lema\^itre, or was it just the end result of a long series of investigations? In this article we summarise the main steps and contributions

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The Victoria meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific was held at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory and Victoria College, Victoria, British Columbia, on June 21 and 22, 1962. The

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Most of what we now know about the Maraghah observatory is derived from the thorough research of Aydin Sayili.' In his book, The observatory in Islam, Sayili has determined the founding date of this

Editorial note to: Georges Lemaître, A homogeneous universe of constant mass and increasing radius accounting for the radial velocity of extra-galactic nebulae

This is an editorial note to accompany printing as a Golden Oldie in the Journal of General Relativity and Gravitation1 of the fundamental article by Georges Lemâitre first published in French in

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1. Today, 10 December 1988, is a day of mourning for victims of the earthquake in Armenia. I think we should honor the memory of those who died in this terrible catastrophe. And I think we should

Status of the accretion flow solution in the Golden Jubilee year of the discovery of extra-solar X-ray Sources

Fifty years have just passed since the first discovery of the extra-solar X-ray sources by Giacconi and his team which we know today to be some stellar mass black holes. By 1973, not only a catalog



Zeynab Peyqambarzadeh, who was detained at the Evin prison, was released on bail. Ms. Peyqambarzadeh's arrest had come after she was summoned on May 5

    Azadeh Forghani to a suspended sentence of two years for "acting against national security by participating in an illegal gathering

      Five of the six women who are prosecuted for their participation in the

      • Nahid Jafari

      Delaram Ali, a women's rights activist, was sentenced by an Iranian court to 10 lashes and two years and 10 months imprisonment for "participation in an illegal gathering

        Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh; Ms. Mahboubeh Hosseinzadeh; Ms. Sara Loghmani; Ms. Zara Amjadian

          International Federation for Human Rights 17, Passage de la Main d'Or 75 011 Paris, France World Organisation Against Torture Case postale 21 -8 rue du Vieux-Billard 1211 Geneva

            Fariba Davoudi-Mohajer is the sixth woman to be prosecuted in this case. One of their lawyers

            • Ms. Shadi Sadr

            during the protest organised in Tehran to denounce these discriminatory provisions

              Nasrin Afzali; Ms. Talat Taghinia; Ms. Fakhri Shadfar; Ms

              • Maryam Shadfar

              Nahid Keshavarz is a member of the Women's Cultural Centre and provides regular news reports and articles for the website of this leading women's NGO and the site of the

              • Campaign" Ms. Keshavarz is a sociologist