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FREDERIC KAPLAN Linguistic Capitalism and Algorithmic Mediation

  title={FREDERIC KAPLAN Linguistic Capitalism and Algorithmic Mediation},
  author={F. Kaplan},
Google’s highly successful business model is based on selling words that appear in search queries. Organizing several million of auctions per minute, the company has created the first global linguistic market and demonstrated that linguistic capitalism is a lucrative business domain, one in which billions of dollars can be realized per year. Google’s services need to be interpreted form this perspective. This article argues that linguistic capitalism implies not an economy of attention but an… 


Linguistic Capitalism and Algorithmic Mediation
It is argued that linguistic capitalism implies not an economy of attention but an Economy of expression, and natural languages could progressively evolve to seamlessly integrate the linguistic biases of algorithms and the economical constraints of the global linguistic economy.
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