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Entrepreneurs and business performance in nineteenth century France
A popular explanation for the supposed 'delayed industrialisation' of the nineteenth century French economy has been the inappropriate attitudes and actions of the managerial classes and family
From thrifts to universal banks: the sources of organisational change in French savings banks, 1945–2000
This article aims to analyse the processes by which French savings banks have transformed themselves in the past 70 years. Although much is known about how banking has changed in industrialised
French Corporate Governance in the New Global Economy: Mechanisms of Change and Hybridisation within Models of Capitalism
This article analyses the implications of the internationalisation of capital markets, and the influx of Anglo-Saxon institutional investors, for the French model of capitalism. Its central
Agricultural exports and economic development in Spain during the first wave of globalisation
ABSTRACT The objective of this article is to study the evolution of Spanish agricultural exports, their share of agricultural production as a whole, the determinants of their expansion and, finally,
Knowledge-Based Economy as a Foundation for the Economic Development of Countries
This paper highlights the relationship between knowledge and economic development. The study considers nine countries grouped in three different development models: 1) the Asian model includes Japan,
International Governance as New Raison d’État? the Case of the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy
Various scholars have suggested that at times national governments use international cooperation to gain influence in the domestic political arena and to overcome internal opposition to their
Finishing Capital Markets Union
The chapter starts with a general introduction to the EU’s Capital Markets Union project, before exploring the background and evolution of capital markets integration in Europe. It continues with
Infrastructure and nation building: The regulation and financing of network transportation infrastructures in Spain (1720–2010)
This paper analyses Spanish infrastructure policy since the early 1700s: road building in the eighteenth century, railway creation and expansion in the nineteenth, motorway expansion in the
From the Governance of Sustainability to the Management of Climate Change: Reshaping Urban Policies and Central–local Relations in France†
Abstract This paper analyses the interlinked usages of the concepts of ‘governance’ and ‘sustainable development’ over the past two decades of French urban policies. It shows that the importance of


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    Bank of the West (Bank of the West and First Hawaiian Bank in twenty West and Mid-west States)
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        Many French banks also have subsidiaries or branch offices in the United States; the following non-exhaustive list is based on information from individual banks and from the Federal Reserve
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                Earlier this year, the government demonstrated its intent to lower corporate taxes over the medium term. The 2018 tax law reduces corporate tax on profits over 500
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