title={FRACTAL ASPECTS OF THE ITERATION OF z →$\Lambda$z(1‐ z) FOR COMPLEX $\Lambda$ AND z},
  author={Benoit B. Mandelbrot},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
  • B. Mandelbrot
  • Published 1980
  • Mathematics
  • Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
Chapter foreword concerning the illustrations, especially the “missing specks” of Figure 1 (2003). As described in Chapter C1, this paper boasts many “firsts” and was instrumental in reviving the theory of iteration. The many new observations it contains concern the set in the μ-plane for which A. Douady and J.H. Hubbard soon proposed the term “Mandelbrot set.” Each observation was stated as a mathematical conjecture or became the source of one. Thus, the figures in this paper played a… Expand
On the Dynamics of Iterated Maps VIII: The Map z→λ(z+1/z), from Linear to Planar Chaos, and the Measurement of Chaos
While the terms “chaos” and “order in chaos” prove extremely valuable, they elude definition and it remains important to single out instances when the progress to planar chaos can be followed inExpand
On the invariant sets of a family of quadratic maps
The Julia setBλ for the mappingz → (z−λ)2 is considered, where λ is a complex parameter. For λ≧2 a new upper bound for the Hausdorff dimension is given, and the monic polynomials orthogonal withExpand
Geometry and combinatorics of Julia sets of real quadratic maps
For realλ a correspondence is made between the Julia setBλ forz→(z−λ)2, in the hyperbolic case, and the set ofλ-chainsλ±√(λ±√(λ±..., with the aid of Cremer's theorem. It is shown how a number ofExpand
Strange objects in the complex plane
Julia sets are examined as examples of strange objects which arise in the study of long time properties of simple dynamical systems. Technically they are the closure of the set of unstable cycles ofExpand
On the quadratic mapping z→z2-μ for complex μ and z: The fractal structure of its M set, and scaling
Abstract For each complex μ, denote by F (μ) the largest bounded set in the complex plane that is invariant under the action of the mapping z→z2-μ. Mandelbrot 1980, 1982 (Chap. 19) reported variousExpand
Islands of stability and complex universality relations
For complex mappings of the type z→λz(1−z), universality constants α and δ can be defined along islands of stability lying on filamentary sequences in the complex λ plane. As the end of the filamentExpand
Rates of recurrence for real extensions of complex dynamics
Abstract In this note, we consider the family of hyperbolic quadratic polynomials Pc (z)=z 2 + c ; c  ε  M, the Mandelbrot set and study ideas on the distribution of values of periodic orbits to theExpand
Non Linear Dynamics of Ishikawa Iteration
The study shows that Relative Superior Mandelbrot sets are exclusively elite and effectively different from other MandelBrot sets existing in the present literature. Expand
Scaling of Mandelbrot sets generated by critical point preperiodicity
Letz→fμ(z) be a complex holomorphic function depending holomorphically on the complex parameter μ. If, for μ=0, a critical point off0 falls after a finite number of steps onto an unstable fixed pointExpand
Growth in complex exponential dynamics
Growth of the complement of the Mandelbrot-like set of a one-parameter-dependent complex exponential family of maps and the computer drawing of the Julia sets of the maps of this family, grow with the maximal number of iterations the authors choose. Expand


Fractals: Form, Chance, and Dimension.
Some people may be laughing when looking at you reading in your spare time. Some may be admired of you. And some may want be like you who have reading hobby. What about your own feel? Have you feltExpand
Sur les équations fonctionnelles
© Bulletin de la S. M. F., 1920, tous droits réservés. L’accès aux archives de la revue « Bulletin de la S. M. F. » (http://smf. implique l’accordExpand
Self inverse fractals and Kleinian groups
  • Mathematical Intelligencer
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Sur les Cquations fonctionnelles
  • Bull. SOC. Math. France
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1919 - 1920 . Sur les Cquations fonctionnelles
  • Bull . SOC . Math . France
  • 1918
Mandelbrot: Fractal Aspects of Iteration of z -hz( 1 -z ) 259
    Sur lec solutions uniformes de certaines equations fonctionnelles
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