FPTAS for Hardcore and Ising Models on Hypergraphs

  title={FPTAS for Hardcore and Ising Models on Hypergraphs},
  author={Pinyan Lu and K. Yang and Chihao Zhang},
  • Pinyan Lu, K. Yang, Chihao Zhang
  • Published 2016
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • ArXiv
  • Hardcore and Ising models are two most important families of two state spin systems in statistic physics. Partition function of spin systems is the center concept in statistic physics which connects microscopic particles and their interactions with their macroscopic and statistical properties of materials such as energy, entropy, ferromagnetism, etc. If each local interaction of the system involves only two particles, the system can be described by a graph. In this case, fully polynomial-time… CONTINUE READING
    The Ising Partition Function: Zeros and Deterministic Approximation
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    The Ising Partition Function: Zeros and Deterministic Approximation
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    Counting hypergraph matchings up to uniqueness threshold
    Counting Hypergraph Matchings up to Uniqueness Threshold
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    More on zeros and approximation of the Ising partition function
    Approximation via Correlation Decay When Strong Spatial Mixing Fails
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