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FPT Approximation for Fair Minimum-Load Clustering

  title={FPT Approximation for Fair Minimum-Load Clustering},
  author={Sayan Bandyapadhyay and F. Fomin and Petr A. Golovach and Nidhi Purohit and Kirill Simonov},
In this paper, we consider the Minimum-Load k-Clustering/Facility Location (MLkC) problem where we are given a set P of n points in a metric space that we have to cluster and an integer k > 0 that denotes the number of clusters. Additionally, we are given a set F of cluster centers in the same metric space. The goal is to select a set C ⊆ F of k centers and assign each point in P to a center in C, such that the maximum load over all centers is minimized. Here the load of a center is the sum of… Expand

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