FPT Algorithms and Kernels for the Directed $k$-Leaf Problem

  title={FPT Algorithms and Kernels for the Directed \$k\$-Leaf Problem},
  author={Jean Daligault and Gregory Gutin and Eun Jung Kim and Anders Yeo},
  journal={J. Comput. Syst. Sci.},
A subgraph T of a digraph D is an out-branching if T is an oriented spanning tree with only one vertex of in-degree zero (called the root). The vertices of T of out-degree zero are leaves. In the Directed k-Leaf Problem, we are given a digraph D and an integral parameter k, and we are to decide whether D has an out-branching with at least k leaves. Recently, Kneis et al. (2008) obtained an algorithm for the problem of running time 4k · nO(1). We describe a new algorithm for the problem of… CONTINUE READING

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