FPGA-based object-extraction based on multimodal Σ-Δ background estimation

  title={FPGA-based object-extraction based on multimodal Σ-Δ background estimation},
  author={M. M. Abutaleb and A. M. Hamdy and M. E. Abuelwafa and E. M. Saad},
  journal={2009 2nd International Conference on Computer, Control and Communication},
In this paper, we propose a robust and accurate algorithm based on a multimodal Σ-Δ background estimation to extract the moving objects in image sequence of size 768 x 576 pixels taken from a static camera. Σ-Δ estimation is used to compute two orders of temporal statistics for each pixel of the sequence providing a pixel-level decision framework. A serious limitation of this approach lies in the adaptation capability to certain complex scenes. In this paper, we avoid this limitation by… CONTINUE READING