FOXC1, a target of polycomb, inhibits metastasis of breast cancer cells

  title={FOXC1, a target of polycomb, inhibits metastasis of breast cancer cells},
  author={Juan Du and Lin Li and Zhouluo Ou and Chenfei Kong and Yu Zhang and Zhixiong Dong and Shan Zhu and Hao Jiang and Graham A Colditz and Baiqu Huang and Jun Lu},
  journal={Breast Cancer Research and Treatment},
Polycomb group (PcG) proteins have recently been shown related to cancer development. The PcG protein EZH2 is involved in progression of prostate and breast cancers, and has been identified as a molecular marker in breast cancer. Nevertheless, the molecular mechanism by which PcG proteins regulate cancer progression and malignant metastasis is still unclear. PcG proteins methylate H3K27 in undifferentiated epithelial cells, resulting in the repression of differentiation genes such as HOX. FOXC1… CONTINUE READING
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