FOXA1 mediates p16(INK4a) activation during cellular senescence.

  title={FOXA1 mediates p16(INK4a) activation during cellular senescence.},
  author={Qian Li and Yu Zhang and Jingxuan Fu and Limin Han and Lixiang Xue and Cuicui Lv and Pan Wang and Guodong Li and Tanjun Tong},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={32 6},
Mechanisms governing the transcription of p16(INK4a), one of the master regulators of cellular senescence, have been extensively studied. However, little is known about chromatin dynamics taking place at its promoter and distal enhancer. Here, we report that Forkhead box A1 protein (FOXA1) is significantly upregulated in both replicative and oncogene-induced senescence, and in turn activates transcription of p16(INK4a) through multiple mechanisms. In addition to acting as a classic sequence… CONTINUE READING