FOREVER: Fault/intrusiOn REmoVal through Evolution & Recovery

  title={FOREVER: Fault/intrusiOn REmoVal through Evolution & Recovery},
  author={Alysson Neves Bessani and Hans P. Reiser and Paulo Sousa and Ilir Gashi and Vladimir Stankovix0107 and Tobias Distler and R{\"u}diger Kapitza and Alessandro Daidone and Rafael R. Obelheiro},
The goal of the FOREVER project is to develop a service for Fault/intrusiOn REmoVal through Evolution & Recovery. In order to achieve this goal, our work addresses three main tasks: the definition of the FOREVER service architecture; the analysis of how diversity techniques can improve resilience; and the evaluation of the FOREVER service. The FOREVER service is an important contribution to intrustion-tolerant replication middleware and significantly enhances the resilience. 

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