FMRFamide and related peptides modulate the actions of 5-hydroxytryptamine and proctolin on the foregut of the locust, Schistocerca gregaria.

  title={FMRFamide and related peptides modulate the actions of 5-hydroxytryptamine and proctolin on the foregut of the locust, Schistocerca gregaria.},
  author={Sheila J. Wood and R. H. Osborne and Kenneth J. Cattell and Sheryl Banner},
  journal={Biochemical Society transactions},
  volume={18 3},
reconstituted from detergent extracts in an active form. The 7. Kish, P, E., Fischer-Bovenkerk. C. & Ueda. '1.. ( 1989) I'roc. ability to extract the transporters from their native membrane environment without loss of activity is an important initial step towards their characterization at the molecular level and their purification. Nut/. Acud. SC~. U.S.A. 86, 3877-388 1 8. Maycox, P. R., Deckwerth. T., Hell. J. W. & Jahn. R. ( 1988) J. 

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