FML-based type-2 fuzzy ontology for computer go knowledge representation

  title={FML-based type-2 fuzzy ontology for computer go knowledge representation},
  author={Chang-Shing Lee and Mei-Hui Wang and Zhi-Rong Yan and Yu-Jen Chen and Hassen Doghmen and Olivier Teytaud},
  journal={2010 International Conference on System Science and Engineering},
In this paper, an Fuzzy Markup Language (FML)-based type-2 fuzzy ontology is proposed to represent the computer Go knowledge, including an FML transformation mechanism, a type-2 fuzzy set construction, and a type-2 fuzzy set inference mechanism. The FML transformation mechanism transforms the generated smart game format (SGF) files into an FML-based document to describe the computer Go ontology. The type-2 set construction is responsible for building the type-2 fuzzy sets. Based on the built… CONTINUE READING
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