FMKe: a Real-World Benchmark for Key-Value Data Stores

  title={FMKe: a Real-World Benchmark for Key-Value Data Stores},
  author={Gonçalo Tom{\'a}s and Peter Zeller and Valter Balegas and Deepthi Devaki Akkoorath and Annette Bieniusa and Jo{\~a}o Leit{\~a}o and Nuno M. Preguiça},
Standard benchmarks are essential tools to enable developers to validate and evaluate their systems' design in terms of both relevant properties and performance. Benchmarks provide the means to evaluate a system with workloads that mimics real use cases. Although a large number of benchmarks exist for database system, there is a lack of standard benchmarks for an increasingly relevant class of storage systems: geo-replicated key-value stores providing weak consistency guarantees. This has led… CONTINUE READING

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