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FMCDM with Fuzzy DEMATEL Approach for Customers' Choice Behavior Model

  title={FMCDM with Fuzzy DEMATEL Approach for Customers' Choice Behavior Model},
  author={Hsu Chen-Yi and Chen Ke-Ting and Tzeng Gwo-Hshiung},
At present, there are many factors affecting customer’s choice when they decide on what to buy in a fuzzy environment. In the current customer’s market, everyone wants things that are affordable but of high quality. Taking this into consideration, it becomes very important for each business to make a competent marketing strategic decision. They must be aware of the customer’s thoughts to expand their market share and outdo their competitors. Clearly, the market still has a lot of factors to… 

Developing the Hybrid Multi Criteria Decision Making Approach for Green Supplier Evaluation

This study will focus on the development of hybrid MCDM model for green supplier selection, a hybrid multi criteria decision making approach based on Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory Model, the Analytical Network Process, and Technique for Order Performance by Similarity to Ideal Solution in fuzzy environment have been used to take the ideal decisions.

Using fuzzy DEMATEL for evaluating supplier selection criteria in manufacturing industries

The concept of supply chain management (SCM) has received increasing attention from academicians, consultants and business managers. In the highly competitive scenario, suppliers play a vital role in

Developing Tω fuzzy DEMATEL method for evaluating green supply chain management practices

A new the weakest t-norm (Tω) fuzzy Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL) to evaluate green supply chain management (GSCM) and can provide more credible information/results and analysis of across quadrants to evaluate cause and effected relationships.

Using a hybrid MCDM methodology to identify critical factors in new product development

There are various correlations between the critical factors, where ‘products and customers’ have the most influence on other dimensions and the results assist managers in selecting suitable competitive strategies, making the optimal allocation of limited resources, achieving the greatest increase in benefits, and promoting the overall success of NPD.

Ranking and Investigation of Voice of Customer Index by Applying AHP Method in Local Management of Tehran Metropolis

Strategic look is a necessity rather than a choice in management. Knowledge, deep thinking, all over view, realistic look and mature management all are necessary for such a look. By achieving modern

Assessment of Critical Enablers for Flexible Supply Chain Performance Measurement System Using Fuzzy DEMATEL Approach

This research discussed the categorization into the cause and effect group, degree of interaction and inter-relationship of considered enablers, and may provide an aid to the managers to implement an effective and flexible SCPM system through which overall profitability of an organization may be improved.

A new product service system concept evaluation approach based on Information Axiom in a fuzzy-stochastic environment

The aim of this paper is to improve the objectivity and effectiveness of concept evaluation in the early phases of PSS concept design in a fuzzy-stochastic environment by developing a new evaluation approach integrating Information Axiom and the theory of FRV.

Evaluating Service Quality of Korean Restaurants: A Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Approach

Every service firm must find ways to attract new customers, retain existing customers, and remain competitive and profitable. As competition increases, delivering better service becomes more



A hierarchy fuzzy MCDM method for studying electronic marketing strategies in the information service industry

A hierarchy fuzzy multicriteria decision-making (Fuzzy MCDM) method for evaluating the propagating EC market strategies is proposed and appears to be ideal for a fuzzy environment.

Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making - Methods and Applications

A compilation of modern decision-making techniques, Multiple Attribute Decision Making: Methods and Applications focuses on the fuzzy set approach to multiple attribute decision making (MADM).


This paper proposes the fuzzy multicriteria ranking method to conduct the evaluation of urban transportation investment alternatives using triangular fuzzy numbers to spell out the possible range of the anticipated achievement values, whereas the principle of majority rule is used to establish weights and the expected achievement values of the triangular fuzzyNumbers.

Marketing strategy based on customer behaviour for the LCD-TV

Manufacturers of LCD-TV tend to focus on technology with little consideration for customer needs. We have researched customer behaviour in order to learn more about customer needs in an effort to

Rating and ranking of multiple-aspect alternatives using fuzzy sets

Multi-criteria decision making in German automotive industry using fuzzy logic

Decision-making in a fuzzy environment

A reverse-flow technique is described for the solution of a functional equation arising in connection with a decision process in which the termination time is defined implicitly by the condition that the process stops when the system under control enters a specified set of states in its state space.