FM’99 — Formal Methods

  title={FM’99 — Formal Methods},
  author={Jan van Leeuwen},
  booktitle={Lecture Notes in Computer Science},
  • J. V. Leeuwen
  • Published in
    Lecture Notes in Computer…
  • Computer Science
Test criteria are defined in order to guide the selection of subsets of the input domain to be covered during testing. A unification of two categories of test criteria, program based and specification based, i s presented. Such a unification is possible for B models because the specification, refinement concepts and implementation are captured in one notation. The notion of control flow graph is extended to handle the abstract constructs of the generalized substitution language, and a link… 



Automating the Generation and Sequencing of Test Cases from Model-Based Specifications

Formal specifications contain a great deal of information that can be exploited in the testing of an implementation, either for the generation of test-cases, for sequencing the tests, or as an oracle

An Applicable Family of Data Flow Testing Criteria

The authors extend the definitions of the previously introduced family of data flow testing criteria to apply to programs written in a large subset of Pascal. They then define a family of adequacy

CASTING: a formally based software test generation method

We present CASTING, a computer assisted software test engineering method. The method, supported by a prototype tool, generates realistic software test suites in a formal and semi-automatic way. Based

B model animation for external verification

  • H. WaeselynckSalimeh Behnia
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings Second International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods (Cat.No.98EX241)
  • 1998
It is argued that verification techniques like B model animation or code testing should accompany the formal development process and give a feedback of the system that is actually being specified, and a uniform testing framework is presented.

Towards Correct Executable Semantics for Z

This paper presents an approach to rigorously establishing the correctness of such Z animation tools, drawing on ideas from the field of abstract interpretation, to cover most uses of Z schemas and expressions.

The B-book - assigning programs to meanings

Tribute Foreword Introduction Part I. Mathematics: 1. Mathematical reasoning 2. Set notation 3. Mathematical objects Part II. Abstract Machines: 4. Introduction to abstract machines 5. Formal

Applicability of modified condition/decision coverage to software testing

The paper describes the modified condition/decision coverage criterion, its properties and areas for further work.

External Verification of a B Development Process

  • Proceedings of 9 European Workshop on Dependable Computing,
  • 1998

Application de la méthode B dans l'industrie ferroviaire, In: Application des techniques formelles au logiciel, ARAGO 20, OFTA

  • 1997