FLP-mediated recombination of FRT sites in the maize genome.

  title={FLP-mediated recombination of FRT sites in the maize genome.},
  author={L. Alexander Lyznik and Kanury V.S. Rao and Thomas K. Hodges},
  journal={Nucleic acids research},
  volume={24 19},
Molecular evidence is provided for genomic recombinations in maize cells induced by the yeast FLP/FRT site-specific recombination system. The FLP protein recombined FRT sites previously integrated into the maize genome leading to excision of a selectable marker, the neo gene. NPTII activity was not observed after the successful recombination process; instead, the gusA gene was activated by the removal of the blocking DNA fragment. Genomic sequencing in the region of the FRT site (following the… CONTINUE READING