FLOWERING LOCUS T Regulates Stomatal Opening

  title={FLOWERING LOCUS T Regulates Stomatal Opening},
  author={Toshinori Kinoshita and Natsuko Ono and Yuki Hayashi and Sayuri Morimoto and Suguru Nakamura and Midori Soda and Yuma Kato and Masato Ohnishi and Takeshi Nakano and Shin-ichiro Inoue and Ken-ichiro Shimazaki},
  journal={Current Biology},
Stomatal pores surrounded by a pair of guard cells in the plant epidermis control gas exchange for photosynthesis in response to light, CO(2), and phytohormone abscisic acid. Phototropins (phot1 and phot2) are plant blue-light receptor kinases and mediate stomatal opening via activation of the plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase. However, the signaling mechanism from phototropins to the H(+)-ATPase has yet to be determined. Here, we show that FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT) is expressed in guard cells and… CONTINUE READING
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