FLOGERA — A fuzzy logic event recognition algorithm in a WSN environment


Wireless Sensors Networks (WSNs) emphasize the necessity of accurate event detection in realistic environments, while health monitoring comprise one of their most pronounced applications. Although respective fuzzy logic systems have been proposed based on vital and environmental sensors, there is a significant lack of investigation on the reliability of such systems when applied in error prone wireless environments. Therefore, this paper aims to address this need by porting an adequate fuzzy inference system (FIS) to a WSN simulation framework. The considered FIS has been validated in previous work and is implemented in a TelosB emulated mote, which evaluates the health status of a monitored person. Such implementation allows the thorough performance evaluation of the FIS under a wide range of communication conditions. Respective results and comparative evaluation against Matlab environment reveal strong dependencies to critical WSN network parameters.

DOI: 10.1109/IWCMC.2012.6314315

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