FLAG Review 2019

  title={FLAG Review 2019},
  author={Sinya Aoki and Y. Aoki and Damir Be{\vc}irevi{\'c} and Thomas Blum and G Colangelo and Sara Collins and Michele Della Morte and P. Dimopoulos and Stephan D{\"u}rr and Hidenori Fukaya and Maarten Golterman and Steven A. Gottlieb and R. Gupta and Shoji Hashimoto and Urs M. Heller and Gregorio Herdoiza and R. Horsley and Andreas J{\"u}ttner and Toshihiko Kaneko and C.-J. David Lin and Enrico Lunghi and Robert D. Mawhinney and Amy Nicholson and Tetsuya Onogi and C. Pena and Antonin Portelli and Alberto Ramos and Stephen R. Sharpe and James N. Simone and Silvano Simula and Rainer Sommer and Ruth S. Van de Water and Anastassios Vladikas and Urs Wenger and H. Wittig},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
We review lattice results related to pion, kaon, D -meson, B -meson, and nucleon physics with the aim of making them easily accessible to the nuclear and particle physics communities. More specifically, we report on the determination of the light-quark masses, the form factor $$f_+(0)$$ f + ( 0 ) arising in the semileptonic $$K \rightarrow \pi $$ K → π transition at zero momentum transfer, as well as the decay constant ratio $$f_K/f_\pi $$ f K / f π and its consequences for the CKM matrix… 

Light quark Yukawas in triboson final states

Triple heavy vector boson production, $p p \to VVV$ $(V = W, Z)$, has recently been observed for the first time. We propose that precision measurements of this process provide an excellent probe of

Charmed and ϕ meson decay constants from 2+1-flavor lattice QCD

On a lattice with 2+1-flavor dynamical domain-wall fermions at the physical pion mass, we calculate the decay constants of $D_{s}^{(*)}$, $D^{(*)}$ and $\phi$. The lattice size is $48^3\times96$,

Meson interactions at Large $N_c$ from Lattice QCD

We report on the computation of the scaling of QCD observables with the number of colours, $N_c$. For this, we use dynamical configurations with four active flavours, $N_f=4$, and values of

Constraints on New Physics from B Mesons

  • M. Blanke
  • Physics
    Proceedings of XXIX International Symposium on Lepton Photon Interactions at High Energies — PoS(LeptonPhoton2019)
  • 2019
These proceedings review the status of New Physics contributions to flavour violating $B$ decays. The anomalies in charged and neutral current $B$ decays related to lepton flavour universality

$\chi$SF near the electroweak scale

We employ the chirally rotated Schrodinger functional ($\chi$SF) to study two-point fermion bilinear correlation functions used in the determination of $Z_{A,V,S,P,T}$ on a series of well-tuned

Rho resonance, timelike pion form factor, and implications for lattice studies of the hadronic vacuum polarization

We study isospin-1 P-wave $\pi\pi$ scattering in lattice QCD with two flavours of O($a$) improved Wilson fermions. For pion masses ranging from $m_\pi=265$ MeV to $m_\pi=437$ MeV, we determine the

$K_{l3}$ form factors in $N_f = 2+1$ QCD at physical point on large volume

We present our results of the $K_{l3}$ form factors on the volume whose spatial extent is more than $L=$10 fm, with the physical pion and kaon masses using the stout-smearing clover $N_f = 2+1$ quark

Scale setting for $$N_\mathrm{f}=3+1$$ QCD

We present the scale setting for a new set of gauge configurations generated with $N_f=3+1$ Wilson quarks with a non-perturbatively determined clover coefficient in a massive O($a$) improvement

Computing nucleon charges with highly improved staggered quarks

This work continues our program of lattice-QCD baryon physics using staggered fermions for both the sea and valence quarks. We present a proof-of-concept study that demonstrates, for the first time,

Radiative Corrections to Semileptonic Decay Rates

We discuss the theoretical framework required for the computation of radiative corrections to semileptonic decay rates in lattice simulations, and in particular to those for $K_{\ell3}$ decays. This



Review of lattice results concerning low-energy particle physics

The determination of the light-quark masses, the form factor, and the decay constant ratio arising in the semileptonic $$K \rightarrow \pi $$K→π transition at zero momentum transfer are reported on.

Review of lattice results concerning low-energy particle physics

The determination of the light-quark masses, the form factor, and the decay-constant ratio arising in semileptonic $$K \rightarrow \pi $$K→π transition at zero momentum transfer are reported on.

D-meson semileptonic form factors at zero momentum transfer in (2+1+1)-flavor lattice QCD

We present a calculation of the $$D\to K \ell \nu$$ and $$D\to\pi \ell \nu$$ semileptonic form factors at $q^2=0$, which enable determinations of the CKM matrix elements $$\lvert{V_{cs}}\rvert$$ and

Semileptonic $B$-meson decays to light pseudoscalar mesons on the HISQ ensembles

We report the status of an ongoing lattice-QCD calculation of form factors for exclusive semileptonic decays of $B$ mesons with both charged currents ($B\to\pi\ell\nu$, $B_s\to K\ell\nu$) and neutral

|Vus| from Kℓ3 decay and four-flavor lattice QCD

Using HISQ $N_f=2+1+1$ MILC ensembles with five different values of the lattice spacing, including four ensembles with physical quark masses, we have performed the most precise computation to date of

Form factors for semi-leptonic $B$ decays

Semi-leptonic $B$ decays provide promising channels to test the Standard Model, search for signs of new physics, or determine fundamental parameters like CKM matrix elements. We present an update on

Leading isospin-breaking corrections to meson masses on the lattice

We present a study of the isospin-breaking (IB) corrections to pseudoscalar (PS) meson masses using the gauge configurations produced by the ETM Collaboration with $N_f=2+1+1$ dynamical quarks at

Calculation of K→ππ decay amplitudes with an improved Wilson fermion action in a nonzero momentum frame in lattice QCD

We present our result for the $K\to\pi\pi$ decay amplitudes for both the $\Delta I=1/2$ and $3/2$ processes with the improved Wilson fermion action. In order to realize the physical kinematics, where

Follow-up on non-leptonic Kaon decays at large $N_c$

We study the scaling with the number of colors $N_c$ of the weak amplitudes mediating kaon mixing and decay, in the limit of light charm masses ($m_u=m_d=m_s=m_c$). The amplitudes are extracted

Scalar strange content of the nucleon from lattice QCD

The scalar strange-quark matrix element of the nucleon is computed with lattice QCD. A mixed-action scheme is used with domain-wall valence fermions computed on the staggered MILC sea-quark