FGFR4 signaling is a necessary step in limb muscle differentiation.

  title={FGFR4 signaling is a necessary step in limb muscle differentiation.},
  author={Ir{\`e}ne Marics and Françoise Padilla and Jean-François Guillemot and Martin Scaal and Christophe Marcelle},
  volume={129 19},
In chick embryos, most if not all, replicating myoblasts present within the skeletal muscle masses express high levels of the FGF receptor FREK/FGFR4, suggesting an important role for this molecule during myogenesis. We examined FGFR4 function during myogenesis, and we demonstrate that inhibition of FGFR4, but not FGFR1 signaling, leads to a dramatic loss of limb muscles. All muscle markers analyzed (such as Myf5, MyoD and the embryonic myosin heavy chain) are affected. We show that inhibition… CONTINUE READING