FGF-1 and S100A13 possibly contribute to angiogenesis in endometriosis.

  title={FGF-1 and S100A13 possibly contribute to angiogenesis in endometriosis.},
  author={Soren Hayrabedyan and Stanimir Dobrev Kyurkchiev and Ivan R Kehayov},
  journal={Journal of reproductive immunology},
  volume={67 1-2},
Endometriosis is referred often as an angiogenic disease. The pivotal role of angiogenesis in the pathophysiology of this disease has been confirmed by many studies. This process has several steps, and VEGF is probably the most important in its initiation. There are others involved in its continuation and maintenance of the tight balance between a quiescent and activated blood vessel state. In the process of formation of new blood capillaries and arterioles, many different factors are involved… CONTINUE READING