FGAC-NDN: Fine-Grained Access Control for Named Data Networks

  title={FGAC-NDN: Fine-Grained Access Control for Named Data Networks},
  author={Yi-Fan Tseng and Chun-I Fan and Chingpu Wu},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management},
Named data network (NDN) is one of the most promising information-centric networking architectures, where the core concept is to focus on the named data (or contents) themselves. Users in NDN can easily send a request packet to get the desired content regardless of its address. The routers in NDN have cache functionality to make the users instantly retrieve the desired file. Thus, the user can immediately get the desired file from the nearby nodes instead of the remote host. Nevertheless, NDN… 
Access Control Mechanisms in Named Data Networks
A holistic approach towards AC in NDN is followed where the ICN paradigm is summarized, the changes from channel- based security to content-based security, and different cryptographic algorithms and security protocols inNDN are described.
A walkthrough of name data networking: Architecture, functionalities, operations and open issues
A detailed survey on NDN architecture, protocols, and previously proposed strategies is presented and a comparative study on proposed strategies for naming, content caching, inter and intradomain routing, forwarding, and security is offered.
An Accountable Access Control Scheme for Hierarchical Content in Named Data Networks with Revocation
A novel encryption-based access control scheme to address the access control issues in Named Data Networking (NDN), and the performance analysis shows that the scheme achieves better results than existing schemes in terms of functionality, computation, storage, and communication overhead.
Decentralized Lightweight Group Key Management for Dynamic Access Control in IoT Environments
A novel Decentralized Lightweight Group Key Management architecture for Access Control in the IoT environment (DLGKM-AC) is introduced, which enhances the management of subscribers’ groups and alleviate the rekeying overhead on the KDC.
ESAC: An Efficient and Secure Access Control Scheme in Vehicular Named Data Networking
This paper constructs the proxy re-encryption method to achieve access control and data confidentiality, while using pseudonyms and the identity-based signature to ensure anonymous authentication and content integrity, and proposes an efficient and secure access control (ESAC) scheme for content delivery in V-NDN.


AccConF: An Access Control Framework for Leveraging In-Network Cached Data in the ICN-Enabled Wireless Edge
This paper proposes an efficient access control framework for ICN, which allows legitimate users to access and use the cached content directly, and does not require verification/authentication by an online provider authentication server or the content serving router.
Access control enforcement in Named Data Networking
An encryption-based access control scheme for NDN that allows encrypted content to freely reside anywhere in the network is proposed, based on a new cryptographic model for access rights management and on an adaptation of the naming system.
FTP-NDN: File Transfer Protocol Based on Re-Encryption for Named Data Network Supporting Nondesignated Receivers
This paper presents a complete secure file transfer protocol, which combines the data re-encryption, satisfies the requirement of secure ciphertext transmission, solves the problem of the unknown potential receivers, and saves the significant storage costs of NDN nodes.
Attribute-based Access Control for ICN Naming Scheme
A privacy-preserving access control scheme for ICN and its corresponding attribute management solution are presented and the proposed approach is compatible with existing flat name based ICN architectures.
Supporting military communications with Named Data Networking: An emulation analysis
An emulation analysis of NDN-aided military communication networks is presented and preliminary results show tremendous performance gains when the NDN architecture is applied to theseMilitary communication networks.
Named-Data security scheme for Named Data Networking
A hybrid scheme which combines public-key infrastructure (PKI) and Hierarchical Identity-Based Cryptography (HIBC) in order to meet the defined requirements of Content Centric Networking and Named Data Networking projects is proposed.
Secure content delivery in information-centric networks: design, implementation, and analyses
A novel secure content delivery framework, for an information-centric network, which will enable content providers to securely disseminate their content to legitimate users via content distribution networks (CDNs) and Internet service providers (ISPs).
A credential and encryption based access control solution for named data networking
  • B. Hamdane, S. Fatmi
  • Computer Science
    2015 IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management (IM)
  • 2015
This paper proposes an encryption-based access control solution that does not have prior knowledge of all authorized entities and which is valid in an open environment, and assigns access rights based on certified encrypted credentials provided by the different entities.
A Survey of Information-Centric Networking Research
A survey of the core functionalities of Information-Centric Networking (ICN) architectures to identify the key weaknesses of ICN proposals and to outline the main unresolved research challenges in this area of networking research.
Networking named content
Content-Centric Networking (CCN) is presented which uses content chunks as a primitive---decoupling location from identity, security and access, and retrieving chunks of content by name, and simultaneously achieves scalability, security, and performance.