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FEMAlE GEnitAl MutilAtion in EuropE : An AnAlysis oF court cAsEs Report prepared

  title={FEMAlE GEnitAl MutilAtion in EuropE : An AnAlysis oF court cAsEs Report prepared},
  author={S. Mestre},


Female genital mutilation in the European Union – Report
  • Vilnius: European Institute for Gender Equality.
  • 2013
Study to map the current situation and trends on FGM – Country reports
  • Vilnius: European Institute for Gender Equality.
  • 2013
d’Assises de Nevers, Arrêt criminel n°3/1 du 1 juin
  • Extrait des minutes du Greffe du tribunal de Grande Instance de Nevers, demandé le
  • 2012
Discrimination of Certain Ethnical Groups? Ethical Aspects of Implementing FGM Legislation in Sweden
In 1982 Sweden legislated against ‘female genital mutilation’ (FGM) and was the first Western country to do so. Compared to many other countries in Europe, Sweden shows a high level of alertness whenExpand
Cultural change after migration: Circumcision of girls in Western migrant communities.
The current knowledge on cultural change after migration in the practice of female circumcision, also named genital cutting or mutilation, is reviewed, showing trends of radical change of this practice, especially the most extensive form of its kind. Expand
A community-based participatory intervention to change attitudes towards female circumcision among Somali immigrants in Sweden: Study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial.
  • Abstract. The Congress of Somali Studies International Association,
  • 2015
El problema de los matrimonios forzados como violencia de género
Los matrimonios forzados es un fenomeno que aparece ligado a la migracion, pero de dificil conceptualizacion por su confusion con los matrimonios pactados, los matrimonios fraudulentos o losExpand
Las niñas en el Sistema de Justicia Penal
Thi s pape r aim s t o pr o vid e element s t o const r uc t a n understandin g  o f femal e minors in the criminal  justice system with regard to the specif ic discriminations  the minors areExpand