FEBS Letters

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3′UTR-located ALU Elements: Donors of Potetial miRNA Target Sites and Mediators of Network miRNA-based Regulatory Interactions

3′UTR-located Alu elements may play the role of mobile regulatory modules that supply binding sites for miRNA regulation, and may have an important role in establishment, extension, network organization, and in the regulation and environment-dependent activation/inactivation of some elements of the miRNA regulatory system.

Selection, mutations and codon usage in a bacterial model.

A statistical model of bacterial evolution based on the coupling between codon usage and tRNA abundance shows that the effect of natural selection on codon bias affects genes whose products are largely required at maximal growth rate conditions or undergo rapid transient increases.

Phototaxis beyond turning: persistent accumulation and response acclimation of the microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

This work presents a first quantitative study of the long timescale phototactic motility of Chlamydomonas at both single cell and population levels, and shows a striking quantitative agreement for phototaxis and chlorophyll fluorescence, suggesting that photosynthesis controls quantitatively how cells navigate a light field.

Short relaxation times but long transient times in both simple and complex reaction networks

It is demonstrated that this paradoxical property can arise even in quite simple systems such as a linear chain of reactions obeying mass action (MA) kinetics, and that the characteristic times corresponding to lifetimes of tracers and of concentration perturbations can be significantly longer than τ.

Studies of inorganic and organic interactions with supported and free standing phospholipid monolayers and bilayers

The application of self-assembled monolayers on Hg in biosensor technology dictates the need to develop a thorough understanding of the system by using it to develop the structure-activity relations

Expression and Transport of α-Synuclein at the Blood-Cerebrospinal Fluid Barrier and Effects of Manganese Exposure.

Data indicate that the BCSFB expresses a-synuclein endogenously and is capable of transporting a-Syn across the B CSFB monolayer; Mn exposure apparently increases a- synuclein accumulation in the BCAF by facilitating its uptake and intracellular aggregation.

Direct Response Analysis in cellular signalling networks.

The temperature dependence of gramicidin conformational States in octanol.

In this study, the temperature dependence of the equilibrium mixture of double helical ion-free gramicidin in octanol was examined using circular dichroism spectroscopy.



Mechanism of action of oc-latrotoxin: the presynaptic stimulatory toxin of the black widow spider venom

TIPS - April 1986 action with the dipeptide is the net result of multiple hydrogen bonds to the carboxyl group plus others to the dipeptide backbone. Assuming this is the case, the experimental