FDA Approves Bacteriophage Trial.

  title={FDA Approves Bacteriophage Trial.},
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Isolation and Characterization of a Novel Siphoviridae Phage, vB_AbaS_TCUP2199, Infecting Multidrug-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii

The phage vB_AbaS_TCUP2199 (TCUP 2199), which can infect MDRAB, is isolated and characterized and considered to be a novel phage suitable for inclusion in a phage cocktail to treat A. baumannii infection.

KOMBAT: Knowledgebase of Microbes’ Battling Agents for Therapeutics

This work has developed a comprehensive knowledgebase by collecting alternative antimicrobial therapeutic strategies from literature data using subjective approach for datamining new strategies resulting in broad coverage of entities and subsequently add objective data like entity name, potency, safety information etc.

How to Train Your Phage: The Recent Efforts in Phage Training

The current knowledge of phage training and future implications in phage applications and phage therapy are highlighted and the recent pipeline of the magistral preparation to produce a customized phage for clinical trials and medical applications is summarized.

An Early History of Phage Therapy in the United States: Is it Time to Reconsider?

The literature from 1915 to 1965 is examined, and a numerical analysis of the papers published during that period reports key historical factors leading to a decline in the use of phage therapy in the United States by the 1950s.

Case Report: Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis Treated With Phage Therapy After Multiple Failed Antibiotic Treatments

The failure of antibiotic therapy and subsequent success of bacteriophage therapy in treating chronic bacterial prostatitis shows the effectiveness of phages in controlling chronic infections in areas of low vascularity and anatomical complexity.

Resistance and Adaptation of Bacteria to Non-Antibiotic Antibacterial Agents: Physical Stressors, Nanoparticles, and Bacteriophages

A detailed overview of how bacteria acquire resistance against non-antibiotic factors is provided and innate bacterial defense systems and how bacteriophages have evolved to tackle them are discussed.

Phage Therapy in Veterinary Medicine

This review describes the comprehensive research done in the past and recent years to address the use of phage therapy for the treatment and prevention of bacterial disease affecting domestic animals as an alternative to antibiotic treatments.

Smarter cures to combat COVID-19 and future pathogens: a review

Comparing therapeutics for COVID-19 such as synthetic drugs, vaccines, antibodies and phages, and the strength and limitations of antibiotic and antiviral drugs,vaccines, and antibody-based therapeutics are presented.