FCMLab: A finite cell research toolbox for MATLAB

  title={FCMLab: A finite cell research toolbox for MATLAB},
  author={Nils Zander and Tino Bog and Mohamed Elhaddad and R. Espinoza and H. Hu and A. Joly and C. Wu and P. Zerbe and Alexander D{\"u}ster and Stefan Kollmannsberger and Jamshid Parvizian and Martin Ruess and D. Schillinger and Ernst Rank},
  journal={Advances in Engineering Software},
The recently introduced Finite Cell Method combines the fictitious domain idea with the benefits of high-order finite elements. Although previous publications demonstrated the method’s excellent applicability in various contexts, the implementation of a three-dimensional Finite Cell code is challenging. To lower the entry barrier, this work introduces the object-oriented MATLAB toolbox FCMLab allowing for an easy start into this research field and for rapid prototyping of new algorithmic ideas… CONTINUE READING