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  title={FAULT MANAGEMENT IN ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS Final report of the CIRED Working Group WG03 Fault Management FOREWORD},
  author={Yves Harmand},
Dr. Matti Lehtonen, VTT Energy, Finland (convenor) Dr. Damian Cortinas, Electricité de France, (secretary) Mr. Rino Anelli, ENEL, Italy Mr. Jean-Paul Krivine, Electricité de France Mr. Iñaki Ojanguren, Iberdrola, Spain Mr. Philippe Perusset, Electricité Neuchâteloise, Switzerland Prof. Peter Schegner, TU Dresden, germany Mr. Philip Tempelaere, Electrabel, Belgium Dr. Walter Tenschert, OKA, Austria Mr. Antonio Gomes Varela, Electricidade de Lisboa, Portugal 
Reliability evaluation of smart distribution grids
Results of various reliability case studies directed in this thesis show that employing a suitable set of the smart grid technologies in the functional zone of an electric power distribution system can virtually mitigate all the reliability indices.
A novel microscada system for Middle Egypt Electricity Company
In this paper, a cost effective microscada system for the Middle Egypt Electricity Company is presented. The novel system has been fully commissioned at the El-Mermah switching panel, MEECO, Egypt.
Single Line-to-Ground Fault Detection in Face of Cable Proliferation in Compensated Systems
In case of low ohmic SLG faults in compensated distribution networks, the directional function can be assured by transient relays which compare polarities of zero-sequence charging components at main
Utilisation of IEC61850 GOOSE for improvement of EFP sensitivity in compensated MV networks
In this study, the sensitivity of the earth-fault protection (EFP) in medium-voltage distribution networks with a compensated neutral point is investigated. An adaptive residual voltage threshold is
Analysis of Temporary Overvoltages During Open-Phase Faults in Distribution Networks With Resonant Grounding
  • A. Kalyuzhny
  • Engineering
    IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
  • 2015
This paper analyzes the temporary overvoltages (TOVs) that may appear in open-phase states in distribution networks with resonant grounding. The high overvoltages recorded during the open-phase
SLG Fault Detection in Presence of Strong Capacitive Currents in Compensated Networks
The detection of a single line-to-ground fault in compensated distribution networks can be hampered by important capacitive currents. The way to deal with this problem depends on the particular
A Systems Approach to Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Design for Utility Management Automation Systems
A model-based architectural design-decision methodology is presented and implemented to one of the UMA functions–feeder reconfiguration function (FRF)– for a test distribution system.
Notice of Violation of IEEE Publication PrinciplesWireless sensor for managing electrical distribution networks
In this paper, methods and analysis of a simple wireless sensor concept for detecting and locating faults as well as for load monitoring are presented. The concept is based on distributed wireless
Enhanced Protection Scheme for Smart Grids Using Power Line Communications Techniques—Part I: Detection of High Impedance Fault Occurrence
The proposed method is applied to single branch topologies, as well as to an existing topology of a Greek rural distribution system, and it is shown that the implementation of the proposed method may be drastically simplified by focusing on the monitoring of specific frequencies rather than the entire frequency range under study.
A comparison between S-transform and CWT for fault location in combined overhead line and cable distribution networks
Considering the complex topology of distribution networks and their important application, finding an effective fault location algorithm is mandatory. This paper discusses and compares the


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