FAP52 regulates actin organization via binding to filamin.

  title={FAP52 regulates actin organization via binding to filamin.},
  author={Marko Nikki and Jari Meril{\"a}inen and V. -P. Lehto},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={277 13},
FAP52, a focal adhesion-associated phosphoprotein, is a member of a FAP52/PACSIN/syndapin family of proteins. They share a multidomain structure and are implicated in actin-based and endocytotic functions. We show, by using both native and recombinant proteins, that FAP52 selectively binds to the actin cross-linking protein filamin (ABP-280). This was based on an affinity purification followed by a sequence determination by mass spectrometry, co-immunoprecipitation, overlay binding, and surface… CONTINUE READING
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