author={Claude Lebrun},
  journal={International Journal of Mathematics},
  • C. Lebrun
  • Published 1 September 1994
  • Mathematics
  • International Journal of Mathematics
Let Z be a compact complex (2n+1)-manifold which carries a complex contact structure, meaning a codimension-1 holomorphic sub-bundle D⊂TZ which is maximally non-integrable. If Z admits a Kahler-Einstein metric of positive scalar curvature, we show that it is the Salamon twistor space of a quaternion-Kahler manifold (M4n, g). If Z also admits a second complex contact structure , then Z=CP2n+1. As an application, we give several new characterizations of the Riemannian manifold HPn= Sp(n+1)/(Sp(n… 

Contact Kähler Manifolds: Symmetries and Deformations

We study complex compact Kahler manifolds X carrying a contact structure. If X is almost homogeneous and b 2(X) ≥ 2, then X is a projectivised tangent bundle (this was known in the projective case

Fano contact manifolds and nilpotent orbits

Abstract. A contact structure on a complex manifold M is a corank 1 subbundle F of TM such that the bilinear form on F with values in the quotient line bundle L = TM/F deduced from the Lie bracket of

Twistor Spaces over Quaternionic-Kähler Manifolds

Let (M, g) be a quaternionic-Kähler manifold. This dissertation constructs the twistor space Z whose fibre is diffeomorphic to the 2-sphere. We prove, in the spirit of Bérard-Bergery, that the

Rigidity of homogeneous contact manifolds under Fano deformation.

It is conjectured that a rational homogeneous manifold with the second Betti number l is rigid under Kahler deformation, and the case of Hermitian Symmetrie spaces was proved by Hwang-Mok. In this

Vanishing theorems for quaternionic Kähler manifolds

In this article we discuss a peculiar interplay between the representation theory of the holonomy group of a Riemannian manifold, the Weitzenböck formula for the Hodge–Laplace operator on forms and

On Complex Contact Similarity Manifolds

We shall construct \emph{complex contact similarity manifolds}. Among them there exists a complex contact infranilmanifold $\cL/\Gamma$ which is a holomorphic torus fiber space over a  quaternionic

From complex contact structures to real almost contact 3-structures

In this work, we prove that every complex contact structure gives rise to a distinguished type of almost contact metric 3-structure. As an application of our main result, we provide several new

H-principle for complex contact structures on Stein manifolds

In this paper we introduce the notion of a formal complex contact structure on an odd dimensional complex manifold. Our main result is that every formal complex contact structure on a Stein manifold



Complex contact structures and the first eigenvalue of the dirac operator on Kähler manifolds

In this paper Kählerian Killing spinors on manifolds of complex dimensionm=4l+3 are constructed. The construction is based on a theorem which states that a closed Kähler Einstein manifold of complex

Complex Paraconformal Manifolds – their Differential Geometry and Twistor Theory

A complex paraconformal manifold is a/^-dimensional complex manifold (/?, q > 2) whose tangent bündle factors äs a tensor product of two bundles of ranks p and q. We also assume that we are given a

A Finiteness Theorem for Quaternionic-Kaehler Manifolds with Positive Scalar Curvature

We study the topology and geometry of those compact Riemannian (4n)-manifolds (M,g), n > 1, with positive scalar curvature and holonomy in Sp(n)Sp(1). Up to homothety, we show that there are only


The work of R. Penrose has shown the deep relationship between the conformal structure of Minkowski space and the complex geometry of lines in projective three-space. This transformation applies to a

Curvature and stability of vector bundles

The purpose of this note is to give a differential geometric condition for a holomorphic vector bundle to be stable or semi-stable. 1. Curvature and the Einstein condition. Let E be a holomorphic

HyperKähler and quaternionic Kähler geometry

 A quaternion-Hermitian manifold, of dimension at least 12, with closed fundamental 4-form is shown to be quaternionic Kahler. A similar result is proved for 8-manifolds. HyperKahler metrics are

The geometry and topology of 3-Sasakian manifolds.

In recent years quaternionic Kahler and hyperkähler manifolds have received a great deal of attention. They appear in many different areas of mathematics and mathematical physics. It has been argued

Quaternion Kählerian manifolds and fibred Riemannian spaces with Sasakian 3-structure

In a previous paper [6], we have studied fibred Riemannian spaces with Sasakian 3-structure and showed that there appears a kind of structure in the base space of a fibred Riemannian space with

Complex analytic connections in fibre bundles

Introduction. In the theory of differentiable fibre bundles, with a Lie group as structure group, the notion of a connection plays an important role. In this paper we shall consider complex analytic

La première valeur propre de l'opérateur de Dirac sur les variétés kählériennes compactes

K.D. Kirchberg [Ki1] gave a lower bound for the first eigenvalue of the Dirac operator on a spin compact Kähler manifoldM of odd complex dimension with positive scalar curvature. We prove that