FAME: A Functional Annotation Meta-Scheme For Multi-Modal And Multi-Lingual Parsing Evaluation

  title={FAME: A Functional Annotation Meta-Scheme For Multi-Modal And Multi-Lingual Parsing Evaluation},
  author={Alessandro Lenci and Simonetta Montemagni and Vito Pirrelli and Claudia Soria},
The paper describes FAME, a functional annotation meta-scheme for comparison and evaluation of existing syntactic annotation schemes, intended to be used as a flexible yardstick in multi-lingual and multi-modal parser evaluation campaigns. We show that FAME complies with a variety of non-trivial methodological requirements, and has the potential for being effectively used as an "interlingua" between different syntactic representation formats. 1 I n t r o d u c t i o n Broad coverage parsing… CONTINUE READING


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