FAK is a Critical Regulator of Neuroblastoma Liver Metastasis

  title={FAK is a Critical Regulator of Neuroblastoma Liver Metastasis},
  author={Sora Lee and Jingbo Qiao and Pritha Paul and Kathleen L O'connor and Bernard Mark Evers and Dai H. Chung},
Neuroblastomas express increased levels of gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRP-R). However, the exact molecular mechanisms involved in GRP-R-mediated cell signaling in neuroblastoma growth and metastasis are unknown. Here, we report that focal adhesion kinase (FAK), as a critical downstream target of GRP-R, is an important regulator of neuroblastoma tumorigenicity. We found that FAK expression correlates with GRP-R expression in human neuroblastoma sections and cell lines. GRP-R… CONTINUE READING


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