F-theory and orientifolds

  title={F-theory and orientifolds},
  author={Ashoke Sen},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},
  • A. Sen
  • Published 22 May 1996
  • Mathematics
  • Nuclear Physics

A Note on orientifolds and F - theory

F-theory at Constant Coupling

M-theory on manifolds of G2 holonomy and type IIA orientifolds

We demonstrate that M-theory compactifications on 7-manifolds of G{sub 2} holonomy, which yield 4d N = 1 supersymmetric systems, often admit at special loci in their moduli space a description as

F-theory on 6D symmetric toroidal orbifolds

In this work we study F-theory on symmetric toroidal orbifolds that exhibit roto-translations, which are point group rotations accompanied by fractional lattice shifts. These geometries admit a rich

Tate form and weak coupling limits in F-theory

A bstractWe consider the weak coupling limit of F-theory in the presence of non-Abelian gauge groups implemented using the traditional ansatz coming from Tate’s algorithm. We classify the types of