F-Actin Bundles Are Derivatives of Microvilli

  title={F-Actin Bundles Are Derivatives of Microvilli},
  author={David J Derosier and Lewis G. Tilney},
  journal={The Journal of Cell Biology},
  pages={1 - 6}
Fruit fly bristles have us tearing out our few remaining hairs. The puzzle is, in forming long bristles, how and why do flies assemble long actin bundles by gluing shorter bundles end-to-end? Fruit fly bristles extend posteriorly in a gentle curve over the fly's back like the hair on a well-groomed individual from the 60's. These bristles, which are cellular extensions of 70 ␮ m in the microchaete and 400 ␮ m in the macrochaete, are supported by a ring of 7–11 cross-linked, membrane-attached… CONTINUE READING

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