author={A ADoefaa and Hans Peter Doetsch and Draweng Table and Hans Peter Doetsch},
  journal={The Herodotus Encyclopedia},
OF THE DISCLOSURE A gas Spring for a drawing table which has a cylinder, a piston in the cylinder, and a piston rod projecting from the piston through one end wall of the cylinder, the other end wall being imperforate. Gas under pressure fills the cylinder and may be released from the chamber adjacent the piston rod if the latter is almost fully expelled from the cylinder against a compression spring through a chan nel having orifices in the piston and in the piston rod. Additional gas is… 
Development of a Hydraulic Actuator to Superimpose Oscillation in Metal-Forming Presses
A novel principle of a rotary piston valve and a high-frequency cylinder for a hydraulic actuation system are presented. This system will be utilized in metal-forming presses to superimpose a
Electrostatic Side-Drive Rotary Stage on Liquid-Ring Bearing
We present an electrostatically actuated rotary stage featuring liquid rings, which serve as both mechanical bearings and electric connections between the rotor and the substrate. The liquid rings
A Self-Adaptively Loading Mechanism for Planetary Cylindrical Roller Traction Drives
A planetary cylindrical roller traction drive was developed. It is comprised of a sun roller, three planet rollers, an outer ring, a planet carrier and an input shaft. The sun roller is hollow, and
Joining of Polycarbonate Ring/Disk to Metal Sheet/Shaft and its Easy Disassembly
For the possibility of easy disassembly of a joint assisted by strain recovery, the joint is fabricated with a cold rolled circular polycarbonate (PC) disk embedded in the center of an aluminium or a
The Improvement of the Spin Coater and its Patented Project Design
A rotary spin-coating technology project is provided by the utility model patent in this work. It includes vacuum pump and chassis, speed display, power switch, suction piece switch, start switch and
Static and Dynamic Analysis of a Rod-Fastened Rotor
A rod-fastened rotor is generally comprised of a series of discs clamped together by several tie rods uniformly distributed on the pitch circle diameter. The contact states of the contact interfaces
Interaction of cylinders In proximity under flow-induced vibration
This study examines the influence of a stationary cylinder that is placed in proximity to a flexibly mounted cylinder in the side-by-side arrangement. The problem is investigated with an
Pinning of a drop by a junction on an incline.
Relying on the equilibrium equations deriving from the balance of forces, this work exhibits three scenarios depending on the way the contact line of the drop on the substrate either simply leans against the junction or overfills into the hydrophobic side.
Treewidth: Computational Experiments
Bowed string simulation using a thermal friction model
Summary In the past, theoretical modelling of the motion of a bowed string has assumed that the frictional force due to the rosin on the bow was determined by the sliding speed only. Recently, it has


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