F-35 Mission Systems Design, Development, and Verification

  title={F-35 Mission Systems Design, Development, and Verification},
  author={Greg T. Lemons and Kathryn Carrington and Thomas Frey and John O. Ledyard},
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F-35 mission systems allow pilots to execute traditional advanced tactical missions critical to allied and partner nations. The systems include the most advanced sensor management and data fusion of any current fighter aircraft. These capabilities offer unmatched situational awareness to the pilot and provide decision aids that allow the pilot to make critical timely decisions. The development of these capabilities was accomplished utilizing use cases derived from mission vignettes to perform… Expand
Priority Scheduling for Multi-Function Apertures with Hard- and Soft-Time Constraints
A multi-function aperture (MFA) is an antenna array that supports multiple RF signals for a diverse set of activities. An MFA may support multiple activities simultaneously if they are compatible,Expand


Joint Strike Fighter Integrated Subsystems Technology, A Demonstration for Industry, by Industry
The Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Integrated Subsystems Technology Demonstration Program was a highly successful industry-wide five-year program in which normally competitive JSF weapon systemExpand
Fiber Optic Communication within the F-35 Mission Systems
The F-35, joint strike fighter (JSF), aircraft is designed with a highly capable and flexible mission systems architecture. At the heart of this architecture is the integrated core processor (ICP)Expand
Status of development of LCOS projection displays for F-22A, F/A-18E/F, and JSF cockpits
  • M. Kalmanash
  • Engineering, Physics
  • SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing
  • 2001
Projection display technology has been found to be an attractive alternative to direct view flat panel displays in many avionics applications. The projection approach permits compact high performanceExpand
  • 2018
Red Flag confirmed F-35 dominance with a 20:1 kill ratio” U.S. Air Force says
  • The Aviationist [online journal], URL: https://theaviationist.com/2017/02/28/red-flag-confirmed-f-35-dominance-with-a-201-kill-ratio-u-s-air-force-says/ [retrieved 3 May 2018].
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