Eyes with basic dorsal and specific ventral regions in the glacial Apollo, Parnassius glacialis (Papilionidae)

  title={Eyes with basic dorsal and specific ventral regions in the glacial Apollo, Parnassius glacialis (Papilionidae)},
  author={Hiroko Awata and A. Matsushita and Motohiro Wakakuwa and K. Arikawa},
  journal={Journal of Experimental Biology},
  pages={4023 - 4029}
SUMMARY Recent studies on butterflies have indicated that their colour vision system is almost species specific. To address the question of how this remarkable diversity evolved, we investigated the eyes of the glacial Apollo, Parnassius glacialis, a living fossil species belonging to the family Papilionidae. We identified four opsins in the Parnassius eyes – an ultraviolet- (PgUV), a blue- (PgB), and two long wavelength (PgL2, PgL3)-absorbing types – and localized their mRNAs within the retina… Expand
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