Eyes wide shut: The growing threat of cyber attacks on industrial control systems

  title={Eyes wide shut: The growing threat of cyber attacks on industrial control systems},
  author={Joel F. Brenner},
  journal={Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists},
  pages={15 - 20}
  • Joel F. Brenner
  • Published 1 September 2013
  • Computer Science
  • Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
When industrial control systems are connected to the Internet, they can be vulnerable to cyber attacks. At risk are energy sources and electric grids, water and sewer systems, manufacturing, banks, transportation and communication networks, and other systems that may be targeted by hackers, terrorists, or enemy states seeking to wreak economic havoc. Despite a series of well-publicized cyber attacks in recent years, few companies have taken the steps necessary to isolate industrial control… 
Securing industrial control system environments: the missing piece
This paper reviews the ICS security risk landscape, including current security solution strategies in order to determine the gaps and limitations for effective mitigation, and suggests solutions that recognize and include; people, process and technology security enhancement into asingle system, and addressing all three-entity vulnerabilities can provide a better solution for ICS environments.
Quality Control Tools for Cyber-Physical Security of Production Systems
This work focuses on understanding the role of QC systems in cyber-physical attacks within manufacturing through developing a taxonomy encompassing the different layers involved, and proposing more effective QC tools that can overcome existing weaknesses by introducing randomness to the tools, for better security against cyber- physical attacks in manufacturing.
A cyber-physical attack taxonomy for production systems: a quality control perspective
An attack taxonomy to better understand the relationships between QC systems, manufacturing systems, and cyber-physical attacks is proposed in this paper and accounts for the attacker’s view point through considering four attack design consideration layers.
Review of cybersecurity issues in industrial critical infrastructure: manufacturing in perspective
This paper offers an insightful review of possible solution path beginning with the understanding of ICS security trends relative to cyber threats, vulnerabilities, attacks and patterns, agents, risks, and the impacts of all these on the industrial environment and entities that depend on it.
Cybersecurity in National Security and International Relations
This chapter focuses on the significance of CS in the context of broader national security and international relations issues facing nations. It first provides a review of initiatives and measures
Critical Infrastructures: The Operational Environment in Cases of Severe Disruption
The functioning and resilience of modern societies have become more and more dependent on critical infrastructures. Severe disturbance to critical infrastructure is likely to reveal chaotic
The Damoclean sword of offensive cyber: Policy uncertainty and collective insecurity
ABSTRACT Cyberspace is a new domain of operation, with its own characteristics. Cyber weapons differ qualitatively from kinetic ones: They generate effects by non-kinetic means through information,
CVD: A Communications Validity Detector for SCADA Networks
CVD is presented, a novel SCADA forensics tool to help operators detect crafted input attacks and monitor a SCADA substation for harmful actions and includes various Language-Theoretic Security-compliant parsers to ensure the syntactic validity of the SCADA communication, hence detecting many crafted packet zero days.
Security Threat Landscape
Concerning an up-to-date overview of the current state of the art on threats and cybersecurity is critical to provide a picture of the status of cybersecurity and evaluate new trends in cybersecurity focusing on emerging threats and evolving attacks.


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