Eyes in the sky

  title={Eyes in the sky},
  author={Thomas A. Horne},

The State of Aerial Surveillance: A Survey

This paper provides a comprehensive overview of human-centric aerial surveillance tasks from a computer vision and pattern recognition perspective and discusses unique challenges in performing these tasks in an aerial setting compared to a ground-based setting.

Challenges in Autonomous UAV Cinematography: An Overview

The outlined issues are partitioned into challenges deriving from ethical/legal/safety considerations and from operational/production requirements, and a brief survey of current technological solutions, including their limitations, is provided.

Persistent Object Search and Surveillance Control With Safety Certificates for Drone Networks Based on Control Barrier Functions

In this paper, we address a persistent object search and surveillance mission for drone networks equipped with onboard cameras, and present a safe control strategy based on control barrier functions

Securing the Maritime Domain: U.S. and New Zealand in a Bordered Pacific

Maritime security in the Pacific differs according to whose security is under threat and in what geographical location. Like the fluidity of the ocean, maritime security is dynamic involving multiple

The DeLeaves: a UAV device for efficient tree canopy sampling

Tree canopy sampling is critical in many forestry-related applications, including ecophysiology, foliar nutrient diagnostics, remote sensing model development, genetic analysis, and biodiversity mo...

Productivity Dispersion and Persistence Among the World&Apos;S Most Numerous Firms

A vast firm productivity literature finds that otherwise similar firms differ widely in their productivity and that these differences persist through time, with important implications for the broader

Technological Wonder and Strategic Vulnerability: Satellite Reconnaissance and American National Security during the Cold War

The pursuit of advanced technologies to expand national power is one of the defining aspects of the Cold War. Certainly, states throughout history have attempted to harness technological change to ...

National Institute of Justice

  • J. Travis
  • Law
    The SAGE Encyclopedia of Criminal Psychology
  • 2019
A large and increasing number of prison inmates are sexual offenders. State prisons held 20,500 sex offenders in 1980, 63,600 in 1990, and 88,100 in 1994. They grew not only in number but also as a

Cartographic intelligence: the atlas as access

How much detail do we need to see? High and very high resolution photography, GAMBIT, and the Manned Orbiting Laboratory

Abstract This article examines the requirements for high and very high resolution photography of the USSR and other denied areas during the Cold War. It discusses the partial success of GAMBIT-1 and