Eyeblink conditioning in the developing rat.

  title={Eyeblink conditioning in the developing rat.},
  author={Mark E Stanton and John H. Freeman and Ronald W. Skelton},
  journal={Behavioral neuroscience},
  volume={106 4},
Long-Evans rat pups, 17-18 or 24 days of age, were trained with an eyeblink conditioning (EBC) procedure that was used previously with adult rats (Skelton, 1988). Pups received 3 sessions of delay conditioning in a single day at about 4-hr intervals (100 trials/session). Trials involved pairings of an auditory conditioned stimulus (2.8-kHz, 82-dB tone) and a periocular-shock unconditioned stimulus (US; 100 ms, 2 mA), which were presented 280 ms apart. EBC was observed at both ages, but older… CONTINUE READING