Eye, brain and vision

  title={Eye, brain and vision},
  author={Stuart Sutherland},
Vision and Visual Dysfunction.General editor: John Cronly-Dillon. Macmillan: 1991. 17 volumes. Approximately 5,000 pages. £1,250, $2,295. 
Visual processing: Parallel-er and Parallel-er
  • R. Born
  • Biology, Computer Science
    Current Biology
  • 2001
Visual Signals in the Retina: From Photons to Synapses
The ability to see the world around us is an immediate and striking example of the abilities of the nervous system, and perhaps for this reason, vision is one of the most intensively studied aspects
Sensory neuroscience: Visualizing the auditory cortex
Visual function and visual perception in cerebral palsied children
This research extends beyond current efforts to investigate visual function and perception in cerebral palsied children by addressing the role of emotion and language in the development of these deficits.
4 Adaptation and Decorrelation in the Cortex
The idea that cortex performs such decorrelation has several theoretical merits and fits some prominent facts about the cortex.
Demands of Geometry on Color Vision
It is suggested that color circularity, color opponency and trichromacy may have arisen, at least in part, because of the geometrical requirements needed to unambiguously distinguish all possible spectrally different regions on a plane.
Invariants for primary visual cortex
The Machinery: Understanding the neural code
This picture is composed of a large array of small picture elements which differ in colour and shade – together these elements generate textures, contours, and shapes, similar to the point-by-point
Consciousness-driven model for visual attention
A consciousness-driven visual attention model is presented that can evaluate the contents on the scene and automatically highlights visually important regions and can be used in various applications, such as surveillance, visual navigation and target acquisition, etc.
The Improvement of Vision by Vision Stimulation and Training: A Review of the Literature
This article reviews the theoretical and research literature on vision stimulation and vision training to determine if it contains useful guidelines for the construction of visionstimulation and training programs.