EyApp & AndrEyA - Free Apps for the Automated Recording of Lessons by Students

  title={EyApp \& AndrEyA - Free Apps for the Automated Recording of Lessons by Students},
  author={Enrique Canessa and Carlo Fonda and Livio Tenze and Marco Zennaro},
  journal={Int. J. Emerg. Technol. Learn.},
EyA-inspired applications (to "Enhance Your Audience") allow for easy automated recordings in the classroom. They also allow for a fast sharing of large amount of educational contents. We discuss on our two prototype apps: AndrEyA and EyApp for mobile devices running Android OS and iOS, with the ultimate goal of facilitating the recoding of academic lectures by individual students themselves. We show the strong differences in video size outputs with respect to video recordings using iPads and… 

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