Extrusion and Extruded Products: Changes in Quality Attributes as Affected by Extrusion Process Parameters: A Review

  title={Extrusion and Extruded Products: Changes in Quality Attributes as Affected by Extrusion Process Parameters: A Review},
  author={M. S. Alam and Jasmeen Kaur and Harjot Khaira and Kalika Gupta},
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Extrusion of foods is an emerging technology for the food industries to process and market a large number of products of varying size, shape, texture, and taste. Extrusion cooking technology has led to production of wide variety of products like pasta, breakfast cereals, bread crumbs, biscuits, crackers, croutons, baby foods, snack foods, confectionery items, chewing gum, texturized vegetable protein (TVP), modified starch, pet foods, dried soups, dry beverage mixes etc. The functional… 
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Extrusion cooking is very important process in food snacks industries to produce the wide range of products. During extrusion cooking, modification in the structure of raw materials such as starch
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The aim of this review is to highlight the effect of extrusion on physical and functional properties of millet based extrudates. Extrusion is a combined thermo-mechanical process which causes
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Information presented in this review would be of importance to processors and researchers as they seek to enhance nutritional quality and delivery of extruded products.
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Physical and technofunctional properties of yellow pea flour and bread crumb mixtures processed with low moisture extrusion cooking.
This study has shown that incorporation of yellow pea flour and bread crumb in extrusion cooking process could be used to develop nutritionally-dense foods with improved physical and technofunctional properties.
Extrusion of Plant Raw Materials in Food Production: A Review
Introduction. The present review covers the issues of extrusion of plant raw materials in food industry. The authors analyzed foreign publications about various extrusion technologies, their rational
Extruded whole buckwheat noodles: effects of processing variables on the degree of starch gelatinization, changes of nutritional components, cooking characteristics and in vitro starch digestibility.
Findings indicated that appropriate extrusion processing variables are critical to produce whole buckwheat noodles from the nutritional and quality perspective.
Extrusion Technology: A Tool for Value Addition to Food By-Products and Wastes
The food processing industry generates an immense amount of waste and by-products, which leads to major concerns about the environment. However, most of these wastes, such as plant-derived


Effects of Extrusion Processing on Nutrients
The use of food extrusion as a commercial technology dates back to the mid-1980s. Since that time, the range of extrusion equipment has expanded considerably along with the types of products
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Various food by-products were incorporated into rice grits and submitted to extrusion cooking to produce fortified extruded food products. The blends of various formulations of durum clear flour
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Summary Extrusion cooking, as a multi-step, multi-functional and thermal/mechanical process, has permitted a large number of food applications. Effects of extrusion cooking on nutritional quality
High Lysine Extruded Products of Quality Protein Maize
Ahstract: Extrusion-cooking is used by several food industries to produce expanded snack foods, ready-lo-eat cereals and pet foods frorn corn rneal. A snack food utilising normal rnaize and quality
Effect of inclusion of soluble and insoluble fibres into extruded breakfast cereal products made with reverse screw configuration
Summary Five dietary fibre rich ingredients were used at 5%, 10% and 15% replacement levels in a white flour cereal base to produce an extruded cereal product. The inclusion of the dietary fibres