Extrinsic inputs to intrinsic neurons in the porcine heart in vitro.

  title={Extrinsic inputs to intrinsic neurons in the porcine heart in vitro.},
  author={Frank M. Smith},
  journal={American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology},
  volume={276 2},
Convergence of inputs from extrinsic cardiac nerves [vagus and cardiopulmonary (CPN)] on intrinsic cardiac neurons was investigated in the pig ( Sus scrofa). A segment of the right atrial wall containing epicardial neurons along with attached stumps of the right vagus nerve and CPN was maintained in vitro; intracellular recordings were made from 57 neurons. Three types of neuron were identified by their responses to long intracellular depolarizing current pulses: phasic [discharged 1 action… CONTINUE READING


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